Does healing heal us?

When she began interviewing the 103 nurses from across the nation for The American Nurse Project, director Carolyn Jones thought that nurses were a unique prototype; a superhuman blend of compassion and selflessness that could be found nowhere else.

But, as the months wore on and she began to understand them better, Jones realized that nurses, like all of us, were just humans with their own foibles and problems; individuals searching for wholeness in a broken world.

What set them apart, however, was the rewarding nature of their work as caregivers, and the refreshing perspective it brings to their personal lives. Living in daily relationship to matters of life and death, seeing the impact that a moment of tenderness can have, looking at humans as the sum of their parts; nurses see humanity through a unique and refreshing lens. A lens which, when used from time to time, could help all of us reconsider what’s truly important and how we can better serve our fellow man.

The American Nurse Documentary will follow six nurses from the project and learn from them what caregiving can do for the human spirit.

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