Schools of Nursing Partner with Digiplex Theaters 

Visibility—that’s what The American Nurse documentary provides for nursing—and now Digiplex Theaters are offering your school of nursing free space in our high-traffic lobbies for YOUR school to amplify awareness about nursing. Provide your community with a chance to meet their local future nurses.

Digiplex Theaters’ free public space can be used to promote your nursing school, provide free public health information, or educate your local community on an important health issue.

In exchange for helping Digiplex Theaters promote The American Nurse, every student that offers 2 hours of their time at the theater will receive 2 complimentary tickets to any film at the theater.

Complete the form below and a local Digiplex representative will contact you about arranging for free lobby space for your school of nursing in a Digiplex Theater Lobby.

Leverage the power of The American Nurse 

The American Nurse intends to inform, educate, enlighten and inspire reflection about nursing. You can turn a screening into a vibrant learning experience for your students.

Your school or organization can arrange to sponsor a screening at a Digiplex Theater, a local theater or in your school’s auditorium, and additional discussion time post-screening will be arranged. Capture their immediate reactions post-screening as you moderate a conversation and engage your students further in crucial conversations about nursing.

The film inspires all who see it. Post-screening discussions have ranged from how powerful it is to see varied roles of nursing profiled in the film, to the issues addressed – birth, poverty, war, aging, and death.

Moderating a discussion after a screening of The American Nurse can be a very positive experience – one that can literally change minds and lives of students of nursing.

Complete this form  and a Digiplex representative will contact you about arranging discounted tickets and a post-screening discussion for your school of nursing in a Digiplex Theater. Or if you don’t live near any of the Digiplex theaters, we can help you locate a local theater, or bring the film to your facility.