AMA Center for Patient Safety

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The AMA Center for Patient Safety is helping physicians help patients by encouraging physician leadership and involvement in improving patient care. As a national leader in patient safety, the AMA diligently pursues initiatives that best serve the changing needs of America’s physicians and patients. By leading and supporting national patient safety efforts, such as awareness programs, national campaigns, confidential error-reporting systems and patient education efforts, the AMA is working diligently to promote a culture of patient safety.

The AMA aims to improve patient safety by providing model programs and tools and advocating for safe clinical work environments for patients, physicians, and the health care team. In its tools, the AMA offers guidance from national experts for implementing safety improvements at the point of care. The AMA strives to offer tools that provide an overview of the issue, instructions for getting started, implementation strategies, steps for organizations and hospitals to take, tips on communication effectiveness, the important role of patients and proven interventions.

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