Clackamas Community College

Meet the nurses from this location:

Clackamas Community College is a full-service community college serving most of Clackamas County in the southeast corner of metropolitan Portland, Ore. CCC offers lower division collegiate courses, career-technical education classes, basic skills education, workforce services and opportunities for lifelong learning. In 2011-12, the college service more than 35,000 students. The college’s main campus is located in Oregon City with campuses in Wilsonville and the Harmony Community Campus in North Clackamas County.

The Harmony Community Campus is home to CCC’s Health Science programs, which include nursing, clinical lab assistant, medical assistant, certified nursing assistant, dental assistant and EMT.

The Workforce Improvement with Immigrant Nurses program at CCC began in 2003, funded by a grant. The WIIN program prepares experienced foreign-educated nurses living in the U.S. to enter the nursing workforce here and eases their transition into practice. Since the program began in 2003, nearly 90 nurses from 30 countries have completed the program and are now working in hospitals, long-term care, the American Red Cross, corrections, health clinics and dialysis centers. Another 10 will graduate fall 2013. These multicultural nurses understand the needs and customs of an increasingly diverse immigrant population. Judy Andersen has served as the director of the program since its inception.

CCC continued to fund the program for several years after the original grant ended. In the spring of 2013, due to budget constraints, the college made the difficult decision to suspend the program while reaching out to the community to find additional support and funding. For more information:

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