Louisiana State Penitentiary

Meet the nurses from this location:

Louisiana State Penitentiary, the largest lifer prison for adult males in the USA, is 18,000 acres and is bordered on three sides by the mighty Mississippi River and one side by the rugged Tunica Hills. Our current count stands at 5316.  There are 3992 Lifers and 85 on Death Row.  Of the remaining population of those who are eligible for parole, the average sentence length is 93 years.  Last year a total of 52 offenders were released and 37 offenders died in custody.  The average age of a prisoner is 42.  Once known as its “bloody past,” today’s Angola, as it is frequently called, is one of the safest, most progressive penitentiaries in the world.  Thousands of visitors, media and criminal justice professionals tour the grounds each month and many of our programs have been duplicated by other agencies.  

The greatest resource we have at Angola is our professional and dedicated staff and our morally rehabilitated offender population.  It takes people to make a difference in correcting deviant behavior.  The programs that have made the biggest impact on decreasing violent behavior were established with little or no funding.  The on-site seminary, hospice and reentry programs utilize available staff and offenders and receive financial support from community and faith based volunteers.