National Drug-Endangered Children Training and Advocacy Center

Meet the nurses from this location:

The National Drug Endangered Children Training and Advocacy Center, Incorporated (NDEC- TAC) maintains a victim-centered focus while addressing the needs of the drug involved family from the point of rescue until the child becomes an adult. We are set apart from other child abuse or membership organization addressing child abuse or drug endangered children because of our hands-on approach to taking action in the life of an identified child. We are able to accomplish this goal because we use only field-experienced investigators and practitioners as trainers and we offer the follow-up services necessary for communities to cultivate their own drug endangered children (DEC)/(drug related child abuse) DRCA experts within their own communities. Our primary services include public awareness tools, first responder training, translational research, community guides, DEC organization development technical assistance, therapeutic tools for perpetrators of drug related child abuse, among other tools necessary for successful prosecution and service delivery for children. This 501c(3) organization receives no state or federal funding and relies on the support of private donations.

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