University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing

Meet the nurses from this location:

The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing is one of the leading nursing schools in the nation, with a history of excellence in academics, research and service. Located in the heart of Texas, it is home to an intellectually vibrant student population preparing for rewarding careers that will enrich the world and help further nursing research.

In addition to being a leader in academics, the School of Nursing ranks among the top nursing schools in securing federal research funding. Current research focuses on health behaviors and health promotion across the lifespan. The health promotion focus has developed largely because of the School’s location in Central Texas and the southwestern United States where large numbers of people live in poverty in medically underserved communities, suffer from chronic health problems, and have little or no medical insurance.

In order to meet the health-care needs of this underserved population, the UT Austin School of Nursing manages two community-based wellness centers: the Children’s Wellness Center and the Family Wellness Center. These centers oversee approximately 11,000 primary health-care visits with low-income, uninsured men, women and children every year. The centers also serve as clinical practice sites for nursing school students and provide community-based settings for pilot research studies and major federally funded projects.

The School of Nursing is a proud part of the University of Texas at Austin, one of the largest and most respected universities in the nation. With students from every state and more than 100 countries, it is a diverse learning community with world talent and Texas traditions. What starts here changes the world.

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