Windy City Rollers

Meet the nurses from this location:

The Windy City Rollers is an organization that strives to promote athleticism and fraternity among its members and seeks to foster professional, personal, and athletic advancement for all its members. Whenever possible, the organization shall support and promote its members in all their pursuits both on and off the track. We strive to advance and grow our organization from within, cultivating the blatant and latent talents of all members.

That said, the goal of the organization beyond advancing the sport of roller derby both in the city of Chicago and nationally, is to create a network of talented multifaceted individuals offering both opportunity and training in order to continually self- govern the organization and raise up all its members. By remaining autonomous, we achieve these goals through community outreach, athletic training, and open opportunity for all who are willing to commit themselves toward the advancement of these goals.

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